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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

50 Shades Dominated - PTU

This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP. It was written on May 31, 2013 by Twisted-Angel. The tag and tut are from my original and twisted mind. Any similarities to other tutorials is purely unintentional.

Things You Need

Paint Shop Pro X5 (you'll need this version if you have windows 8). Get a trial here. Older versions will work.
Masks - Mask CMC_#38 is a Mythical creation and can be found on Creative Misfits Creations blog here. Thanks for the awesome shares ladies.
Mask WSL_105 is a weescotslass creation and can be found under downloads here. Thanks hon.
Scrap Kit - 50 Shades by Roo. This awesome kit is PTU and can be purchased here.
Tube of choice - I used a Justice Howard tube that was purchased from MPT. You must have a license number to use her work. If you want my tube, I believe she now sells through Artistically Inclined Licensing.
Font of choice - I used Hey Gorgeous size 20 for the name. 

*Note* See my finished tag for reference and click the save tab often.

Let's get started

Open a new raster layer - white background - Size 800x800. I know it's big but you'll be resizing at the end.  Go to Layers - new raster Layer. Set your color palette to #212121 or a dark color from your tube. Now select your flood fill tool and fill your layer.

Select Layers tab and scroll down to load mask-Load mask from disk. Find mask WSL_105 and apply the following settings:

Make sure your background is unticked on your layer palette and click on your mask layer. Go to Layers-Merge-Merge Group. 

Open paper 1 from the scrap kit or set your color palette to #3f6681. If you use the scrap kit, copy it and close it out. On your working canvas untick the background layer and add a new raster layer. Then go to Selections-Select All; now paste the paper into selection. Click Selections-Select None. If you chose the solid color simply untick the white background-add a new raster layer-flood fill the layer.

We are now going to apply Mask CMC_#38 with the same settings as before. Remember to Merge-Merge Group. When that's done your canvas should look similar to finished tag.

Still with me? Yay! :) Now go to Layers-Duplicate. With the duplicated layer active; click the image tab and click Rotate-Free Rotate. A box will popup; type 25-right is ticked-all layers is NOT ticked. Your duplicated layer should now look similar to my finished tag.

While still on your duplicated layer grab your magic wand tool and click inside it. Open element #52 from the kit and paste it into selection. Selections-Select None. Copy/paste your tube as a new layer. Resize if needed and try to place the tube as close to in the middle as possible. Placement will depend on your tube. Add a drop shadow to your tube if you wish.

This next part is solely your preference choice. Open any elements you'd like in your tag. Resize and position to your liking. Add your desired name and add any filter effect you like. As always remember to add correct copyright info.

On your Layers palette delete the white background layer. Merge-Merge visible. Resize to 75% and save as a png file.

That's all. Thankx for hangin with me and trying my tut. If you have any questions or comments use the box below. Rock on! Registered & Protected 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DEP Settings in Windows 8 (will also work for 10)

This tutorial was written March 24, 2013. I decided to write this tutorial because I was noticing a lot of forum members at Creative Misfits Forum (me included) were having trouble getting their plugin filters to load in the newer versions of PSP. Many of us have made the switch to either windows 7 or 8; so this mini tutorial should correct the problem for you.

Things you'll need
DLL files for windows 7 and 8. Get them here
Please note that my system is windows 10 64-bit. If you are using windows 7 or 8 the screen may be a bit different.

Let's get started

 Unzip and place the dll files in your windows/sysWOW64 folder.

 Go into your computer/laptop control panel. Under system and security select sytem:

The next screen you come to you will see four options to the left. Click the last option: Advanced System Settings.

A box 'System Properties' will pop up. Under performance click settings:

 You will come to a final screen. Click on the data execution prevention tab and make sure the second option is selected as below:

Add your PSP application file. This icon is located inside your Corel file on your C drive. You'll want to make sure that you click on an icon that says application when selected. The icon will look like your desktop icon. Repeat this when adding your animation shop icon. The only difference will be the folder name; for animation shop look inside your Jasc file on your C drive. When you have everything added hit apply and then OK. A reboot may be required.

 After the reboot run your PSP program and your plugins should load and work properly. If they don't, repeat the steps above. Sometimes it takes doing them a second time before the computer/laptop accepts the changes.

All done. Thanks so much. If you have any questions please leave a comment in my chat box. Registered & Protected